1. A veces creo que he perdido la razón porque encuentro tu olor en mi piel como si acabaras de soltarme cuando en realidad no estás desde hace tiempo.

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    its fucking face omg

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    1. me: i am actually so happy with my life right now for once
    2. next day: *everything fucks up*

  4. "El mundo cambia si dos se miran y se reconocen."

    Octavio Paz.

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  5. "You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you"
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    i love this with my whole heart

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    when ur friend got big gossip and u gotta prepare yourself


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  12. Siempre serás mi mamá jijiji #hbd #mom #minnie #mouse

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    Happy birthday, François Arnaud! (b. 5 July 1985)

    I watched E.T. when I was a kid every day. Well, not all of it every day; I’d pause it and start over again. But I’ve watched E.T. about 400 times in my life. The first play that I saw was Cyrano and I remember going home—I was like nine years old—and trying to learn the monologues. My mom thought I was crazy, and I probably was. [x]

  14. There is no hell. No heaven either. This world is what we make of it. - Cesare Borgia

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